Introducing Hydrodermabrasion!

We’ve all heard of professional microdermabrasion, but what’s hydrodermabrasion all about? What’s the difference and why is it surpassing microdermabrasion in demand and popularity?

A traditional microdermabrasion machine uses aluminium oxide crystals to exfoliate the skin – however, this method offers only one level of abrasive crystal action. This ultimately means that some people, unfortunately, can’t reap the excellent skin rejuvenating benefits of microdermabrasion.

Hydrodermabrasion on the other hand ensures nobody misses out as it comes with a set of interchangeable abrasive discs – from gentle to extreme, that glide over the skin to thoroughly exfoliate and remove dead skin cell build up. This means that hydrodermabrasion treatments can actually be completely personalised to your individual skin condition.

What else?

Hydrodermabrasion not only buffs, polishes and clears your skin to perfection, it also simultaneously moisturises with strategically placed jets in the handpiece that deeply nourish your skin with hydrating fluids and targeted skin-corrective infusions.

What to expect

With hydrodermabrasion treatments, you can expect a comfortable, yet hard-working skin renewal experience that is non-irritant and totally customisable to your skin’s needs. It provides instantly smoother, invigorated skin with increased suppleness, plumpness, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the benefit of intense hydration for a radiant, dewy glow.

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