Try The Glam House’s range of massages to ensure you look and feel fantastic! And that includes a full body rub or a body scrub that’ll revitalize you!  Easily found in Richmond a short Tram ride from Burnley or Richmond Stations.
Body Polish: A full body exfoliation using the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea salts or conditioning plant and nut oils. Personalised by your therapist, this rejuvenating treatment is ideal before a special occasion or self tan.
Essential Back Treatment: Designed to bring purity and balance to the skin, while relieving tension. This treatment focuses on cleansing your pores, skin exfoliation, back massage and masque therapy. This excellent and soothing treatment removes skin impurities and leaves skin cleansed, toned and smooth. Perfect for seasonal skin changes, and a must before any special occasion.
Customised Massage Therapy: Your choice of body rub/body Scrub, and body wraps to suit your specific request and need. 
Elemental Nature Massage: Reduce tension, restore well-being, and coax tired, aching muscles back into condition. Use as part of your health maintenance program. Depending on your needs, your therapist can incorporate a variety of massage and energy-balancing techniques to provide you with a customized experience. The treatment is based on your ‘Elemental Nature’ and your favourite Aveda aromas. Calming blends to ease stress, anxiety and insomnia—Uplifting blends for low energy and that run-down feeling—Stimulating blends to improve circulation and to detoxify.
We use a wide range of celebrated Aveda products that consist of 90% essential oils and 89% of raw, herbal ingredients that are ‘Certified Organic!’ that Richmond locals have come to love.
Our highly qualified Richmond massage therapists are a caring, friendly, and trustworthy team who put you first—ensuring you look and feel your best. 
The clinic offers a wide range of excellent, cost-effective single or group packages to suit each customer’s particular need, and all treatments are available in one place!
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